Power Plant Engineering

Power Plant Engineering deals with the study of energy, its sources and utilization of energy for power generation. Large amount of power is generated using prime movers in a site or layout called power plants, where all the equipments and machineries required for power generation is located.

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  • Compressible flow
  • Diesel and Gas turbine plant
    • Advantages and disadvantages of diesel power plant
    • Combined cycle power generation- Combined gas and steam turbine power plant operation
    • Components and the working of diesel power plant
    • Gas turbine power plant-Schematic diagram, components and its working
    • The layout of diesel power plant
  • Economics of power plant
    • Load sharing- cost of power-tariff methods
    • Methods of meeting the fluctuating load in power plant
    • Performance and operating characteristics of power plant
    • Terminology used in power plant: Peak load, Base load, Load factor, Load curve
    • Various factor affecting the operation of power plant
  • Environmental impact of Power plant
    • Acid precipitation-Acid rain, Acid snow, Dry deposition, Acid fog
    • Air, water, Thermal pollution from power plants
    • Green house effect
    • Radiations from nuclear power plant effluents
    • Social and Economical issues of power plant
  • Gas Power Plant
  • Hydro power plant
    • Advantages and disadvantages of hydro electric power plant
    • Plant-Run off river plant, storage river plant, pumped storage plant
    • General layout of Hydro electric power plant and its working
    • Rainfall, Runoff and its measurement, Hydrograph, flow duration curve
    • Selection of sites for hydro electric power plant
  • Nozzles and Diffusers
  • Nuclear power plant
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear power plant
    • Nuclear power-Radio activity-Radioactive charge-types of reactions  
    • Thermal fission Reactors- PWR, BWR and gas cooled reactors
  • Power plant safety
    • Safety in Chemical handling system
    • Safety in oil handling system
    • Safety policy to be observed in power plants
    • Safety practices to be observed in boiler operation
    • Statutory provision related to boiler operation
  • Steam Power Plant
  • Thermal power plant


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